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DIY Plaster Lamp

I feel like I'm not the only one obsessed with the raw, natural look of imperfect plaster considering these lamps sell for like $350.00, right?  Even if I am, I'm totally fine with it, I am going to continue to plaster every cheesy looking vase and lamp I can find because I just LOVE it!  


I have found that placing these lamps and vases around my home helps to ground the space and bring a natural, textured look to an otherwise boring area, am I right??  If you wan to see me do the whole thing video-style, head over to my instagram page @blushrenovations and find the DIY Lamp tab in highlights. 

I placed my finished DIY lamp in my guest room. 

Anyway, without further ramblings, here's how I made it. 


I first found a lamp that I liked the shape of.  I found this one from Target for $10.00... yes you heard that right $10.00!!!!!  I don't really care about the details other than the shape of the lamp (and if I...

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