How I went from overworked "yes girl" to working with my dream clients on my terms and moving into education.


Before I successfully built my 7-figure floral and design business, there was a wide-eyed, naively passionate "yes" girl. 

Eager to make any and all sales that came my way.

Hoping to please every. single. client. 

Desperate for industry approval and validation. 

Scared to death of disappointing anyone at all or doing it wrong but not exactly certain what it meant to do it right.  

Finance & a Thousand Little Missteps... 

While I had amazing inspiration in my entrepreneur father and grandfather growing up, I didn't have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship.

I started my path in the corporate world working in finance for a large bank.  I think I cared more about looking the part in the tailored black suit than I cared about the work I was doing.  Lets just say, banking wasn't for me.  During my time there, I began dreaming of a creative future I loved. 

As I chose a business name and got inspired by beautiful imagery, I realized I needed to take the leap and try being my own boss in a career I loved.  

When I finally "took the leap", I was inundated by feelings of not being good enough and continuously played the dreaded comparison game.  I pushed myself to grow faster and faster.

...and I was doing it!    

Then I Hit Burn Out.


I was finally making the sales and getting the clients but I realized I was missing out on a life outside of work.  I was a slave to my clients, I was a slave to other vendors and I was living in constant fear that the people working for me would leave or not show up because of the stress and disorganization.  

I was so overwhelmed and stressed that my hair began to fall out.  

I slowly realized that if I counted up the hours I was working and the money I was making, I was not making much at all because my hours were out of control.  I was working at work and I was working at home and when I wasn't working, I was internally stressing about... you guessed it... work.  

I realized that I was not really a business owner at all, but a person working inside of my business for a boss that allowed other people to call all of the shots and wasn't very good to me.  I knew that I wanted to keep growing my business, but I also knew that I had reached a ceiling and I couldn't keep going at this rate forever.  


So I took a final stand. 

I realized that I needed to stop nurturing my business and invest in MYSELF.  


I knew that although I was reaching my sales goals, I wasn't running my business correctly and it wasn't sustainable. 

I got serious. 

I got help. 

I did a ridiculous amount of research, learning, growing and educated myself.  Not about the world of flowers, but the world of entrepreneurship. I learned: 

  • How to be a leader 
  • How to grow a beautiful team around me
  • How to implement systems and save myself hours of re-inventing the wheel and future frustration
  • How to get ridiculously organized and consistent 
  • How to achieve work-life balance
  • How to work ON my business instead of IN it

And after all of that was dialed in... 

I doubled my revenues while elevating my brand, starting a second company, starting a family and truly living life.


And best of all...

I realized while teaching and investing in my team that I wanted to expand into education. 

To connect with others and help creatives achieve those ah-hah moments that make being a business owner so beautiful.  

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for teaching things in a digestible way with a step-by-step approach

Not just "step by step"...

But actually going into the nitty gritty details that give you the confidence to build amazing, profitable systems and methods within your business so you can truly succeed without the feelings of, "what do I do next". 


I'm able to do this, because I teach what I know.


I teach what I've personally done to build two successful companies into a 7-figure business where I am able to work from home and be with my family as it continues to grow. 

If this sounds at all good to you, check out some of my downloadable resources and courses below and let's get started together on your path to being a true entrepreneur and owner of your business!  


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